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Look out, Trump, Here Comes Rocky

San Diego real estate baron, car dealer, and banker Roque (Rocky) De La Fuente, who is running for president of the United States, has become the first person in modern history to submit enough signatures to get on the Michigan primary ballot.

Normally, Michigan's secretary of state chooses candidates who are "generally advocated by the national news media to be potential presidential candidates," according to the Detroit Free Press.

"No candidate under the modern presidential primary system, which dates to 1972, has submitted signatures to attempt to get on the primary ballot," a spokesman for the state Bureau of Elections told the Detroit News. But De La Fuente, using volunteers and paid petition circulators, got 20,166 signatures. De La Fuente's feat "is a first," said the spokesman. The Board of Canvassers has to give the final go-ahead January 29.

He expects former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley to drop out and throw his support to Hillary Clinton, and possibly become her vice presidential candidate.

De La Fuente expects to be named to the ballot in Massachusetts tomorrow (December 21) and says "I am working my ass off" to get on the North Carolina ballot.

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