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Late for 2016 Election

The American Delta Party is now a ballot-qualified party in Delaware, but it attained this status too late to place nominees on the November 2016 ballot. A party is qualified in Delaware if it has at least 654 registered members. The American Delta Party has 854, so probably it will have nominees on the 2018 ballot if it is still active in 2018. See the state’s October 1, 2016 registration tally here.

The American Delta Party was created by Rocky De La Fuente. The party obtained these registered members before the August 20 deadline for new parties to become qualified. But the state refused to process approximately half of those new registrants immediately, because they were signed by voters who were switching parties. Delaware won’t let people switch parties during the three months before any primary, but does process such applications after the primary is over.

The minor parties that were already on the ballot have gained registration in the last two months at a high rate. Green Party registration since August 1 is up 24.2%; Libertarian is up 13.5%; Independent Party is up 9.1%. Thanks to Brady Olson for notifying me that the new Delaware registration data was available.


Posted on October 3, 2016 by Richard Winger